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Two sides to every story, One mind split in two...
Game Pairing #1: Wesley Wyndam-PryceWinifred "Fred" Burkle Game Pairing #2: Faith LehaneWes "Earl" Wyndam-Pryce Feedback: Please go here April 2005
Fri, Apr. 1st, 2005 06:16 pm

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Ann and Lara


Sun, Mar. 27th, 2005 03:25 am

Continued from here.

Even though we've been walking without speaking for several minutes, the warmth of Wesley's hand holding mine is comforting, something that seems tangible after all the craziness we've been through in the last day...week...month...year. Years, even. At least there's something a bit normal in my life again.

Wesley's always been the one I've known I could turn to, no matter how dark and ugly and crazy things got. Charles was right about that. I just had to finally realize on my own that he's the one I've wanted and get over my fear of stepping out of the safe little box I had been trying to keep around myself since returning from Pylea. Guess it's taken working at Wolfram and Hart to understand that as long as I'm in this life, a safe little box is never going to happen. And actually, being with Wesley has made me feel more secure and certain about things than I have been in a long time. I guess because I've finally come to terms with everything I'd been ignoring for so long.

Looking up at Wesley as we head through a small park, I finally break the silence we've fallen into. "Wes...are you...? Are you okay? I know this has been one insanely nutty night - I mean, it's not every day that you have a twin created from an sabotaged experiment because some psycho nutball I should have sacked months ago decided to go serial killer and then have to send him off to some unknown hell dimension before watching a heart-to-heart breakdown in a Dennys parking lot."

I stop and take a deep breath, shaking my head.

"Well, I think we know how I'm taking all this."

I really don't want to think of how close I came to becoming an unwilling host to some ancient demon king-god whatever. Really don't.

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Sat, Mar. 26th, 2005 07:43 pm

This cryin' thing fuckin' sucks, yo. The few times I have cried, didn't last very long. What I'm doin', now? Goes somewhere in the category of Never-Thought-This-Would-Happen. He's holdin' me, he's forgiven me, Wes has forgiven me, and I have no fuckin' clue what to do next.

Story of my life. I've always gone by instinct, not what felt right or good. Things change, though; people change, too. I think I'm startin' to get that.

Time for the ostrich to come up outta the sand.

Pushin' back from Earl Boy's shirt, I look up at him; my eyes still watery and blurry. I smear the tears away, so I can see better. I feel like I just fought a huge gang of vamps and got seriously spanked by them. I'm wicked tired and drained from all the boo-hooing I've done. Scannin' around behind us, I notice that Wes and Fred are gone. "They take off, when I went all punching bag on ya?" I don't give him time to answer, cuz a laugh bubbles outta my chest. Bet he thinks I'm loopy; sure as hell know I would, If I was in his position. "I'm cool. Don't worry. I just never act like this. Ever," and that's about all I can get out between laughs.

Finally, the giggle fit ends, except the look on his face starts it back up again. Jeez...the hell? First, I cry like a fuckin' baby, and now, I'm laughin' like a hyena?

Did someone spike my coffee?

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Fri, Mar. 25th, 2005 11:22 am

Once we're done in the lab, I shepherd Fred out the door with the rest of us. My poor darling girl is still in shock over the kiss Faith gave my twin. Not to say I'm not in shock, but I'm familiar with her behavior, and that makes it somewhat easier to handle.

But not by much.

The four of us pile into the car and decide to eat breakfast at Denny's; a restuarant not far from the firm.

I do hope Fred comes out of her stupor soon. She has me a bit worried.

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Sun, Mar. 13th, 2005 12:45 am

Continued from here.

Fred, Faith and Lorne are keen to track down Knox and make him sing so we can figure out what's going on. I look over at my twin and shrug; it's the best idea any of us can come up with and, honestly, probably the quickest way for us to get into the little weasel's mind.

Fred tells us that he's probably at home, so we all head for car park under the building. I look over at Faith during the lift ride down. She's been sticking close to my side the whole time despite what happened. Perhaps she understands. I hope she does because I certainly didn't mean for her to be caught in this entire mess, a mess I still don't know how is going to be resolved. Am I here for good or not? That may be something only Knox knows, for whatever reason he did this.

"Who's gonna drive?" Lorne asks as we walk through the empty lot - it's still rather too early for anyone to be showing up for work - towards the jeep sitting tucked up in the corner.

"I will," I answer without thinking.

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Fri, Mar. 4th, 2005 06:28 pm

After Sunndy-D became a great big hole in the ground, Robin and I decided to go on a little roadtrip. We ended up in Cleveland, and even though things were pretty chill between us, somethin' was missin'. Sure, he was hot and all, and yeah, he and I had some wicked juicy sex, but it didn't feel right. So, after a few months of tryin' the whole 'girlfriend' sitch, I came to the conclusion that that shit just wasn't my bag. Turns out? Robin kinda knew I wasn't feelin' the warm fuzzies or whatever around him, which made the break less messy.

I can't really pinpoint the moment I finally sussed it out in my head. One day it just hit me...I missed Wes. He had changed a-wicked-lot since his Princess Margaret days as my Watcher, and when he showed up, askin' for my help with the Beast and Angelus, I didn't hesitate. His eyes....I saw it in his eyes...he was desperate, and I was his last hope of gettin' Angel back to his normal Soul Boy-self. I got spanked my that fuckin' heap of rock, but I didn't give up. I did the Dreamland-babysit-the-Psycho gig after Angelus bit me, and somehow made it out alive to 'fight the good fight' as Angel says.

When I left with Will to fight another Big Bad, Wes and I were cool with each other; kiddin' around and shit. It was nice...weird, yeah, but nice too. One thing I regret, though? Not sayin' I was sorry to him. I mean, I know he said he didn't mean that shit he barreled at me behind the bar, but deep down inside, he still resents me for what I did to him. I owe him big time for believing in me. Dunno how he knew I could fight Angelus and win, but he did, and I need to attach a 'thank you' to the long overdue apology.

I heard through the grapevine that Angel and his gang had taken over Evil Inc. G went on and on about them being on the wrong side of the fence and everythin', but I didn't buy that party line for a sec. I knew if ole Soul Boy was in charge, there had to be a damn good reason for it. So, I packed up all my shit in a duffel and hitched all the way to Arizona. Caught a bus to Cali, and here I am, on my way back to Hell-A.

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Sat, Feb. 26th, 2005 03:30 pm

At least everything is normal again around this place.

The fact that a vampire being back to his old—uh, self again after having been turned into a puppet is considered normal just speaks volumes, though, doesn’t it? Sometimes, I wonder what we’ve gotten ourselves into with taking over this firm. I mean, sure, most of my professors from UCLA would kill to have the kind of lab I’m currently working in and access to the information I do, and we have been able to put some of our resources to use for some good, but there are times where it seems like we might have made the wrong decision agreeing to this, like there’s something really bad rumbling where we can’t see it. Like when Charles comes back, all raring to go after acting really strangely – who knows what the Senior Partners really had done to him. I’d like to know, but I can’t exactly just open him up and study his brain, and he didn’t take too well to my request for a biopsy back a few months ago.

So, yeah, things are back to normal around here. For the time being anyway. Wesley’s running some checks on the existence of some kind of demon bug nest for Angel – apparently Spike heard something about it out on the street. Charles is wrapping up some legal stuff from our showdown with the Smile Time puppets with Lorne’s help. And I’m here, working on a little quantum mirror experiment. This isn’t anything like you see in those Science Fiction shows, doorways to other universes and stuff like that. I’m looking at the reflective properties of atoms, how to duplicate them, that sort of thing. Right now, I’m working on the set-up. Hopefully, I’ll be able to run a few studies later in the week.

Although not if Knox keeps dropping things.

He just nearly cracked one of the mirrors. I swear he’s been more clumsy than usual lately. Actually, I’ve never known him to be clumsy before. I hope this doesn’t have anything to do with me turning him down because that’s really somewhere I don’t want to go again. I realized the mistake – make that mistakes – I was making and fixed it. I should have listened to my heart a long time ago regarding Wes.

Not that now is the time to get into a psychological breakdown about me and my feelings for someone I recently realized I’ve loved for quite a while now. If I want that, I’ll go to the firm shrink though I’d probably be better off going to Lorne to talk about this sort of thing. With him, at least I’ll know that I’m getting the truth and that the information won’t possibly be going back to the Senior Partners. Anyway, suffice it to say, denial and avoidance are not good things, and Wesley looks really, really cute when he’s confused.

Plus I love the way he kisses. I think we spent the entire afternoon after the Smile Time incident making out on his sofa before falling asleep in each other's arms, exhausted from staying up the whole night before. That was so nice...

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Right. Experiment. Quantum mirrors.


Man, I’m so going to kill Knox if he keeps messing things up.

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