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We Know Why the Caged Knox Sings

Continued from here.

Fred, Faith and Lorne are keen to track down Knox and make him sing so we can figure out what's going on. I look over at my twin and shrug; it's the best idea any of us can come up with and, honestly, probably the quickest way for us to get into the little weasel's mind.

Fred tells us that he's probably at home, so we all head for car park under the building. I look over at Faith during the lift ride down. She's been sticking close to my side the whole time despite what happened. Perhaps she understands. I hope she does because I certainly didn't mean for her to be caught in this entire mess, a mess I still don't know how is going to be resolved. Am I here for good or not? That may be something only Knox knows, for whatever reason he did this.

"Who's gonna drive?" Lorne asks as we walk through the empty lot - it's still rather too early for anyone to be showing up for work - towards the jeep sitting tucked up in the corner.

"I will," I answer without thinking.
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"I will."

Blast. I wish we wouldn't do that. It's getting rather annoying.

I go for the keys, but Lorne intercepts me. "I'll drive." He shakes his head at the both of us, and I open the door for Fred.

When Faith walks by, I take her arm, making her look me in the eye. "You and I are going to talk later."

Stupid? Absolutely. Grabbing a Slayer like this is completely idiotic. However, Faith and my twin were up to something before Fred and I walked in, and I want to know what that 'something' was. Releasing her, I get in behind Fred, and the five of us head to Knox's house.
There's silence in the car as we head to Knox's place except for the few times I have to give Lorne directions. Nothing like not being sure what you've walked in on and a lab accident caused by your soon-to-be former assistant to make sure that everyone is really, really on edge and not wanting to talk. I look over at Wesley and fidgit a bit - this all reminds me a little too much of what happened last year with Professor Sidel.

But it has to be done. I know that; every person in this jeep knows that. Knox violated my trust, and tried--no, he did hurt Wesley. Badly. I never in my life thought I could hate anyone as much as I did Professor Sidel, and now I know that I do - moreso even because it involved someone I love and care about a lot.

It doesn't take long for us to reach Knox's place, an apartment complex a few miles from the office building. His place in in one of the farthest back buildings, so Lorne drives us around and parks. We then all pile out, Wesley taking my hand and helping me out.
Once Fred is out, I open the hatch to where the weapons are stored. I spot the crossbow, handing it over to her, before picking up my 12 gauge. Bloody wonderful piece of equipment, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, he grabs for it at the same time.

"Pardon me, but that's my shotgun," I say to my...twin.
I look down at the shotgun we're both holding. Why should he be the one to get the 12-gauge? As far as I'm concerned, we both have equal rights to it.

"It's mine, too. Or have you forgotten already?"
Oh, good Lord.

"I haven't forgotten. I just simply thought it would be easier if you took the pistol, instead."

Lifting the shotgun, I point to it and say, "This is my gun," then I point to the pisot. "That's your gun. Got it? My gun, your gun."
Walkin' to the back, I hear a commotion. Twiddle Dumb and Twiddle Dumber are fightin' over their toys. I better break 'em up.

Interjectin' before either of them can say another word, I yell, "Just pick somethin' for fuck's sake!"

Boys and their toys. God.
"Sorry," I say and let go of the shotgun.

Reaching down, I pick up the pistol my "twin" pointed to. This will do.


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Good lord, those two are really turning out to be a handful. If someone didn't know any better, they'd probably think these two were simply twin brothers who are dressed alike and not the same man...or two men with the memories of the same man.

Once they've sorted out which weapons they're going to take, everyone turns to look my direction, ready to go, Wesley arming the shotgun. Hefting the crossbow, I square my shoulders and lead the way to Knox's second floor apartment.

While the others stay out of sight on either side of the door, I knock a few times until we finally hear movement inside. The door cracks open just enough for him to see me standing there. I keep the crossbow out of sight so he won't get suspicious.

"Fred?" he asks. He closes the door so he can unlatch it and open it wider. "What's going on?"

By the time he realizes that I have company out here with me, it's too late.
I hold back a snicker at the little man standing infront of us. This little shit is responsible for The Double Mint Twins? Dude, this is too easy.

Bargin' in, I tackle the squirt, forcin' him to sit on the couch by holdin' his arms.

"What the? Who are you?"

"Your worst nightmare. Actually, no. I take that back. The pissed off chic standin' behind me with a crossbow is your worst nightmare. Me? I'm just here to make sure you get what's comin' to ya."
I can't help but snort a bit at Faith's comment to Knox. I didn't really get to know her when she was in Los Angeles last year, but she's pretty cool, and boy, does she know how to deal with a person. Knox stares at her like she's going to bite his head off at any moment and then looks over at me.

"Fred, please...I don't know what's going on! Tell her to let me go!" He tries to fight his way out of Faith's grasp, but she doesn't even have to work to keep him where he is.

"We saw the security vids, Knox!" I tell him. "We know that you purposely screwed with the generator on the quantum mirror experiment."

"No! I didn't! You've got to believe me, I'd never--!"

"Oh, stuff it," I interrupt, stalking over to him, Wesley close behind me. Faith shifts a bit, allowing me to point the crossbow directly at his chest, which causes him to gulp quite visibly and audibly. "Lorne?"

He and the other Wes join us, so we're all gathered around Knox. "All right, here's the deal,toadstool. You're going to sing for me..."

"But I--."

"Excuse me, not done yet. You're going to sing for me, or I'm going to let these four here take you apart any way they see fit." Lorne fixes his red eyes on him as he says this, and I don't think I ever remember him looking so scary!


I press the crossbow against him. "Sing!"

"I'm Henry the eighth, I am. Henry the eighth, I am, I am. I got married to the widow next door..."

He's singing I'm Henry the Eighth, I Am? And I thought I was a geek!

Lorne lets out a growl - at least I think it's a growl...I hope it's a growl - and looks over at Wesley and Wesley. "Oh, yeah, he meant to do what he did. He was hoping to get rid of you. Didn't count on a second book man being created."

The. bastard!
I smirk when Fred presses the crossbow against the twerp. Wimp Boy sings for Lorne, and I think all of us are shocked when the Green Guy growls or whatever. He glances at the Ken Dolls, before givin' us the 411 on what he saw.

"Oh, yeah, he meant to do what he did. He was hoping to get rid of you. Didn't count on a second book man being created."

Fuckin'. A.

This guy is toast, yo. But, since I'm all reformed and shit, I can't be doin' the toastin'. This is Fred and Wesley's issue. I'll assist, though. Hell, yeah, will I ever assist. All they gotta say is the word, and I can have this guy tied down and gagged, or even punched out. It's all five by five with me.

"Looks like your plan backfired on ya, Wimp. And if I were you? I'd be wishin' for a fuckin' miracle right now, cuz that's the only way you're gettin' outta this alive."
"Oh, yeah, he meant to do what he did. He was hoping to get rid of you. Didn't count on a second book man being created."

Bloody hell, I knew it. That little weasel has had it out for me since we came to Wolfram & Hart.

My finger twitches against the trigger, because I want desperately to shoot Knox, but one look at Fred's face, and I think better of it.

I don't want to be that kind of man. There are other, more suitable means to getting rid of him.

Relaxing my finger slightly, I take a deep breath to calm myself before speaking. "Knox, what exactly were you attempting to do? Blast me into tiny bits? Banish me off the face of the Earth? Please, do tell."
Bloody hell. Of course he wanted to get rid of me...er, him. I can see that my twin is fighting to keep from shooting the little weasel, and I don't blame. I'd like to do the same thing.

"Knox, what exactly were you attempting to do? Blast me into tiny bits? Banish me off the face of the Earth? Please, do tell."

I'm wondering that myself, considering that I seem to be the unintended consequence of that attempt. He must have had something in mind when he sabotaged the generator.

Knox stumbles over his words until Lorne finally throws his hands up, "Oh for Frankenstein's sake, just sing! It'll make it a whole lot easier on all of us."


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Lorne punches him, Faith punches him, and just now, Fred backhanded him across the face and kneed him.

I can honestly say, I haven't had this much fun in quite awhile.

Approaching the weasel Knox with a smarmy grin, I cock my shotgun, pointing it righ at his chest.

"No, please! I'll do anything! Don't shoot me! I was only following orders!"

I let him beg, but his voice begins to grate on my nerves, so I slap him to shut him up. "Do be quiet. We have a most pressing matter to deal with."

"Fred, love, whatever shall we do with this traitor?"
As Fred strikes and knees Knox, I look over at Faith, raising my eyebrow. She looks like she's enjoying herself. Can't blame her for that since I feel the same way, as wrong as that may sound. However, this has been a long time coming. I always knew this little pratt was hiding something when it came to Fred. Never thought it would be wanting to murder her to rebirth some sort of demon, though.

My twin is standing with the shotgun pointed to Knox's chest. I shake my head, listening to Knox begging for his life. He wasn't going to give us the same consideration, yet we should show him mercy.

I think not.

Finally, the other Wesley forces him to shut up. Good.

"Fred, love, whatever shall we do with this traitor?"

I definitely have a few ideas. Wonder if he's thinking along the same lines I am.

Knox turns to look at Fred and decides to press his luck again, his words slurred by his swollen face. "Please, Fred, please...I'm so sorry...I never wanted to hurt you, really. I really was only doing as I was told...but I fell in love with you...and I didn't want just any host for my God. I would have worshipped you and Illyria together..."

I lean over the couch arm and tap him on the shoulder. "I'd really shut up if I were you. I want to shoot you, and I'm not the one of us holding the shotgun on you."
Illyria. That name sends cold chills through me, like someone walking over my grave. Of course, if Knox had had his way, it would have been just that because the use of my body to rebirth some god doesn't sound pleasant, no matter what he says.

As the second Wesley tells him to shut up, I move to stand next to my Wesley. What should we do with him? A very dark part of me - the part of me that wanted revenge on Professor Sidel, the part of me that took over sometimes just so I could survive in Pylea - wants to just shoot him and get it over with. He wanted to kill me and Wesley, after all. Why should we give him any consideration otherwise?

But a part of me knows that outright murdering him is out of the question. It wasn't what I wanted to do to Professor Sidel, and it's something I can't do now, no matter how pissed off and wounded and hateful I feel. No matter than he is just a lowly little psychotic slimeball I should have fired the minute he said that the Senior Partners and the firm weren't really "that bad".

Well, since he already signed his soul away to hell by joining Wolfram and Hart, why not speed the journey up a bit?

I look up at Wesley. "Remember that spell you found for me last year?"

Knox practically tries to push himself into the sofa's cushions, away from the shotgun. "Spell? What spell?"
I make sure the little fucker stays puts while Wes and Fred discuss what they want to do with him. Not that he could goin' anywhere, what with the gun pointed at his chest. But, hey, I'm here as backup, so if he tries anything funny, I'll rip him a new one.

Slick tells him to shut it, and I flash back, momentarily, to when we interrogated that one-hormed demon in a bar last year. Good times. When our little 'situation' is taken care of, I need to have a convo with him about bein' my Watcher again. Want to give that another go.

Fred asks Wes about some spell or whatever, and Wimp Boy pushes into the cushions like he's tryin' to escape. Nice try, but I don't think so.

"Move again, and I'll show you what a Slayer can do," I warn, gettin' right in his face so he knows I mean business.
"You mean...Sidel?" Ah, yes, that spell did prove to be most effective. "I'll need my books. Let's head back to the firm." Throwing a glance in my twin's direction, I say, "Keep your gun on him."

"Please, don't do this! I-I can explain," Knox starts up again, but I've had enough of his pleading. "Did we not just tell you to be silent? Either you be quiet immediately, or I'll knock you unconscious. Understand?"

He stares at me, dumbfounded and scared, but doesn't speak. Good.

"Let's move."
"Let's move."

Nodding, I prod Knox with my pistol, letting him know that he should get up. Faith helps me keep him under control - there was no doubt that the little bugger would try to run the moment he saw any opening, so we weren't about to give him one. We lead the way out to the jeep, keeping an eye out to make sure that no one else was around. It was still just before dawn, so no one was up and around yet, but everyone stays close to make sure none of the weapons can be seen.

Lorne unlocks the jeep, and Faith and I force Knox into the backseat in between the two of us. We make him keep his arms to his side and strap the seatbelt around him, effectively tying him in for the car ride back to the office. I know exactly what they have planned for him - I remember that little spell as well, after all. It would be quite effective...and fitting.

Lorne slips into the driver's seat again, leaving Wesley and Fred to share the front passenger seat. I try not to look at them, so instead I glance over at Faith and find myself actually looking forward to talking with her once all of this unpleasant business is sorted out.


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I find the proper incantation from my books, then after eading over it quickly to be sure I'm ready, I smile at Fred and walk up to Knox. "Any last words?" He starts to speak, but one glare from Faith stops him. "No? All right, then."

Opening the section I have marked, I channel the rage from deep within me. "Klyv mat chyvma, klvma chyt." The portal opens, electricity popping in the air around us. I look from Fred to Lorne to Faith and my twin. "On the count of three, we push him in. Ready?" They nod, and the four of us get into position behind the chair. "One...two...three. Push!" With one good heave, he goes tumbling into the swirling, roaring whirlpool.

"Wait! No! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

And just like that, the portal closes, and Knox is no more; his screeching silenced for good.

Letting out a relieved sigh, I lean against my desk to steady myself. It takes a great deal of power and concentration to work these kind of magicks, and I haven't used that much energy in quite some time.

"Damn, I really liked that chair too," Lorne grumbles.

"It was a worthy sacrifice, trust me," I say to reassure him, taking Fred into my arms. "It's done, my love. It's over." Buryin' my face in her hair, I kiss it, holding her tight.

"So...who wants Chinese?" Lorne asks.

I look down at Fred, and I can read her thoughts as clearly as if they were my own. "Thanks for the offer, Lorne, but I believe Fred and I have plans this evening." Plans that involve holding onto her for hours, making up for lost time. Tearing my eyes away from Fred's long enough to glance over at the other me and Faith, I say, "Perhaps, they can join you. I seem to recall Faith getting rather ravenous after a fight."

All joking aside, I am quite proud of the woman she's become. Faith had a hard life, but she's a survivor, and she made it through. She and I can have our chat later. Right now, I want to get as far away from this bloody place as possible.
"Klyv mat chyvma, klvma chyt."

When Wesley speaks the words that open the portal, for a moment, I'm back in Professor Sidel's office. I remember how much saying that incantation took out of me, how much power it drains, and I can see Wesley working hard and silently to control the magicks through the crackles of electricity.

When we get ready to push Knox in, I look at him on last time. I hate him for what he's done and tried to do to me and Wesley, but most of all, I hate him for the fact that he almost managed to convince me that this place and the people who work here aren't that bad. I know for certain now that there is no "not so bad" with Wolfram and Hart - everything about it is evil and corrupt, no matter how we try to sugarcoat it or claim that our influence can have an impact. I thought I could trust the people I work with and look where it's gotten me...and us.

"One...two...three. Push!"

And with that, he's gone. Sucked into the portal, never to return if we have our way. The incantation opened to a very dark world, I remember Wesley telling me - there's no way he'll be coming back. Knox has gone to hell to pay for his crimes.

Sometimes, I wonder if we're not already in hell ourselves, and sometimes, I wonder if we shouldn't try to break free while we still can.

I barely hear what Lorne says as Wesley takes me in his arms, holding me tight. He's the only thing keeping me from shaking apart right now, I think. Knowing how close we both came to our deaths today - it's not something that I like thinking about, no matter how many times we've faced it before. Once he's told the others that we won't be joining them for whatever they decide to do next, I raise my head to look at them as well.

"Thank you for all your help," I say. Then I turn to look directly at my Wesley. "Take me home...please."

The only thing I want now is to be alone with him and not let him go for a long time.
I'd like nothing more than to get out of here - go somewhere, anywhere else. It's really too early for Chinese food, though I hate to tell Lorne that, but breakfast would sound good right about now. Especially after all the night's events.

Which reminds me of something. We forgot all about it in our haste to deal with Knox.

"Ummm...what about the results from the blood tests you were running in the lab?" I ask Fred, who turns her head to look back at me. I hate to remind her of this after all she's been through - Knox wanted to murder her after all, but a part of me wants to know for certain that I'm not some sort of...monster. "Would those be ready by now?"
"What about the results from the blood tests you were running in the lab? Would those be ready by now?"

The DNA tests. I had forgotten all about them and probably wouldn't have remembered them until much later, probably about the time I next walked into the lab though truth be told, the way I'm currently feeling, I'd be very happy never to go in there again. Not that that's really possible, of course, but at least Knox will never be there again.

I glance over at the clock on the wall. "Yeah, the should be really by now." I look up over at Wesley - my Wesley, the one I'm standing next to - again and absently reach out to rub my hand on his arm. "Do you want to go see what they say?"
My twin mentions the blood tests and, suddenly, I'm reminded of our current...er...situation. I have a twin - that's the theory, at least - and if the blood work verifies that theory, all four of us will need to discuss them. Whether they're good or bad, it must be dealt with. As if things weren't confusing enough around here; now there's a duplicate of myself running about.

Then, I'm brough out of my reverie by Fred's hand on my arm.

"Do you want to go see what they say?"

I glance over at my mirror image before answering. "Yes. I believe that would be best. Let's get it out of the way."

Get it out of the way, indeed. I want to know who or what we have become. No telling what that evil little toad weasel man did.
"Who wants Chinese?"

Chinese? For breakfast? Don't think so, man. "Thanks, but I think we'll pass," I tell Lorne. Huh...guess I'm answerin' for Ace now. Didn't even realize I'd done it, 'til it was outta my mouth. Passin' a glance at Twin Boy, I quickly correct myself. "I mean...I'll pass. Ace, here, might want to; although, I doubt it."

"Suit yourself, Raven-Locks. I might just dine alone, if Wes II says no."

"I believe I'll decline, as well, Lorne. Perhaps another time?"

"Another time, it is. Later, kids!"

Green Guy leaves, and it's just the four of us again. Can we say 'awkward'? I mean, fuck!, Ace and I got bouncy right before Lorne, Fred, and Wes walked in. I like Fred, don't get me wrong, but after seein' her pissed off at that Knox guy? I'm kinda worried what her reaction will be when we tell her.

If we tell her.

Speakin' of Science Girl, we need to check the results from her tests on Wes and...Earl? EARL! Ladies and Gentleman, we have a winner! Oh, god, he'll hate that name. Definitely usin' it, then.

Takin' his arm, I smirk at him and say, "Come on, Earl. Let's find out if you're a real boy."


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