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I'm goin' back to Hell-A

After Sunndy-D became a great big hole in the ground, Robin and I decided to go on a little roadtrip. We ended up in Cleveland, and even though things were pretty chill between us, somethin' was missin'. Sure, he was hot and all, and yeah, he and I had some wicked juicy sex, but it didn't feel right. So, after a few months of tryin' the whole 'girlfriend' sitch, I came to the conclusion that that shit just wasn't my bag. Turns out? Robin kinda knew I wasn't feelin' the warm fuzzies or whatever around him, which made the break less messy.

I can't really pinpoint the moment I finally sussed it out in my head. One day it just hit me...I missed Wes. He had changed a-wicked-lot since his Princess Margaret days as my Watcher, and when he showed up, askin' for my help with the Beast and Angelus, I didn't hesitate. His eyes....I saw it in his eyes...he was desperate, and I was his last hope of gettin' Angel back to his normal Soul Boy-self. I got spanked my that fuckin' heap of rock, but I didn't give up. I did the Dreamland-babysit-the-Psycho gig after Angelus bit me, and somehow made it out alive to 'fight the good fight' as Angel says.

When I left with Will to fight another Big Bad, Wes and I were cool with each other; kiddin' around and shit. It was nice...weird, yeah, but nice too. One thing I regret, though? Not sayin' I was sorry to him. I mean, I know he said he didn't mean that shit he barreled at me behind the bar, but deep down inside, he still resents me for what I did to him. I owe him big time for believing in me. Dunno how he knew I could fight Angelus and win, but he did, and I need to attach a 'thank you' to the long overdue apology.

I heard through the grapevine that Angel and his gang had taken over Evil Inc. G went on and on about them being on the wrong side of the fence and everythin', but I didn't buy that party line for a sec. I knew if ole Soul Boy was in charge, there had to be a damn good reason for it. So, I packed up all my shit in a duffel and hitched all the way to Arizona. Caught a bus to Cali, and here I am, on my way back to Hell-A.
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