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Growing Pains

This cryin' thing fuckin' sucks, yo. The few times I have cried, didn't last very long. What I'm doin', now? Goes somewhere in the category of Never-Thought-This-Would-Happen. He's holdin' me, he's forgiven me, Wes has forgiven me, and I have no fuckin' clue what to do next.

Story of my life. I've always gone by instinct, not what felt right or good. Things change, though; people change, too. I think I'm startin' to get that.

Time for the ostrich to come up outta the sand.

Pushin' back from Earl Boy's shirt, I look up at him; my eyes still watery and blurry. I smear the tears away, so I can see better. I feel like I just fought a huge gang of vamps and got seriously spanked by them. I'm wicked tired and drained from all the boo-hooing I've done. Scannin' around behind us, I notice that Wes and Fred are gone. "They take off, when I went all punching bag on ya?" I don't give him time to answer, cuz a laugh bubbles outta my chest. Bet he thinks I'm loopy; sure as hell know I would, If I was in his position. "I'm cool. Don't worry. I just never act like this. Ever," and that's about all I can get out between laughs.

Finally, the giggle fit ends, except the look on his face starts it back up again. Jeez...the hell? First, I cry like a fuckin' baby, and now, I'm laughin' like a hyena?

Did someone spike my coffee?
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